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DASHA's "21st Birthday" is the epitome of the birthday blues

DASHA's sweet voice and soft pop tendencies in "21st Birthday" strike an emotional chord. This song is particularly vulnerable for the artist and you can feel that in her voice.

The striking, simple instrumentation on this song highlight's her angelic voice. You can almost hear it crack when she says, "You had nothing to say," it's absolutely heartbreaking. It's that feeling of being alone even if you're in a crowd when the person you really want to wish you a happy birthday goes silent. You keep focusing on that, unable to enjoy any party, cycling through the reasons why they didn't call.

DASHA says, in a recent press release "I feel like birthdays are an excuse to reach out to the people who you haven't talked to in a while but still care about to show you're still in their corner. It's even an excuse to put a messy history in the past and show that you're still thinking about them." Especially at a vulnerable age like 21, when the world feels open to so many possibilities and breakups feel so big, this sentiment hits hard.

DASHA grew up in San Luis Obispo, California, immersed in the world of dance, acting, and music. She'sbeen writing and performing her music with help from her older brother and producer, Bardo since she was 12. She attended Belmont University and split her time between Nashville and LA. DASHA has collaborated with various up-and-coming artists, including Pink Slip, Inverness, and more. This is truly just the beginning for her. 

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