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Christian Blue finds a new flame in sun-bleached new single, "LuvDrunk"

Los Angeles-based Christian Blue has decided spring is coming early this year with his warm, euphoric new track "LuvDrunk." The single serves as follow-up to the genre-bending R&B, hip-hop producer, singer, and songwriter's tribute to MF DOOM last month as well as his debut two tracks released last year: "Leave It Unlocked" and "Money Talks." Blue has already proved his production prowess and attention grabbing vocal style with this brief introduction--all clueing in his free-orbiting, West Coast skate roots in their own way.

"LuvDrunk" is an exciting addition to the Blue universe in that it feels like the yin to "Leave It Unlocked's" yang. Where "Unlocked's" production is a colder, midnight texture, "LuvDrunk" serves up vitamin D: its euphoric upheavals released bright and quickly. Christian weaves a vulnerably genuine sketch of new romance, the production layerings a labor of love in themselves. The song also incorporates new influences not felt in previous work, mixing in maximalist hyper-pop elements. Vocally, the flows here are familiar to fans but a bit more falsetto, and heavily layered. 

Blue's forthcoming debut project is currently without a release date, so stay up to date on any updates via Christian's socials linked below. In the meantime, "LuvDrunk" is available to stream now via The Nice Life

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Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop · Hyperpop


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