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Claire Reneé has had enough of the fakes in “I’m Tired”

Claire Reneé drops the first single off of her upcoming EP Wings, and if it’s anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat! The celestial “I’m Tired” is a delicious serving of Reneé’s soulful sound and atmospheric arrangements, sending shivers from your head to your toes. Having studied at both the Berklee College of Music and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, the songwriter infuses her sound with a musical maturity, creating a distinct style and majestic feel.

“I’m Tired” sparkles with its Jazz-fueled guitars and raw percussion elements. Despite its simple instrumentation, the track packs a punch, with Reneé’s silky vocals taking center stage. Bleeding with soul and emotion, her angelic harmonies bring a sense of euphoria to the song. “I’m Tired” was written after the musician felt she was always the one putting the energy into her friendships, without getting anything back. Saying goodbye to people that don’t serve you is easier said than done and Reneé became weary of other’s negative vibes. She shares, “It’s about that exhausted feeling you have trying to take the high road as people mistreat you or take your time and energy for granted. Being the strong friend who gives everyone else space to act without any consideration for others, gets old.”

We’ve all been there, but Reneé brings a feeling of ease to this unwanted situation. So let’s get lost in the sweet sounds of Claire Reneé and listen to “I’m Tired.”

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R&B · Soul


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