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Kobenz and Katy Rose show us the bitterness of a "Sour Lemon"

Minnesota rapper Kobenz and prolific songwriter Katy Rose have recently come together for their first collaboration, releasing the single, "Sour Lemon." 
Kobenz has always had a tendency to create his own path of music, not fitting into one exact genre, an example being "Garage" and "Kobenz." Katy Rose is known for her impressive background, having her tracks featured in films and shows such as Mean Girls, Thirteen, Dawson's Creek and Grey's Anatomy. While the two come from two different backgrounds and even musical genres, their one commonality is their pursuit of their own voice---oblivious to the boundaries set up by their chosen genres. 
In this new track, he once again creates something eccentric, catching our attention. Finally collaborating with Katy Rose, to recreate their own version of Rose's 2004 track "Lemon," they release "Sour Lemon." The title is cleverly derived as it adds much more emphasis on pain and healing than "Lemon." It is clear that these two artists are not afraid to create a song about mental health when it comes to relationships that have resulted in trauma.
The heavy sounds, especially with the guitar, the drums, and the bass create a rock tune. In addition, Kobenz's deep and raspy voice does a brilliant job of delivering the pain that he feels as Katy Rose gives us some fresh air with her sweet yet emotionally captivating voice. Through poetic songwriting, they both spill their raw emotions, especially when they sing together, such as in the lyrics "You still can make me cry, pin this butterfly down." Further turning trauma into beautiful lyrics, Kobenz and Karty Rose paint vivid imagery and interesting metaphors, such as when they both sing "you're hungry for some love." This track is undeniably unique, as they include various sounds and a powerful delivery where you can literally feel their pain and emotions through the speakers. Press play if you're feeling heartbroken and need to enter a musical therapy session. 
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5 months ago

Really cool song, unusual and haunting; it sticks with you!

5 months ago

Wow this song is amazing