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Q-Benjamin resists the appeals of temporary satisfaction on "Temptation"

In a world filled with unrealistic ideals of lust and love, temptation is ever present, and sometimes it can be downright pervasive. An ode to putting principles before fleeting feelings, “Temptation” is an open letter to women that talks about both the struggle and strength found in resisting advances. With authentic lyricism, Canadian singer, rapper and songwriter Q-Benjamin takes us down a narrow road towards alignment, drawing parallels between her faith and the pressures from around and within.

Choosing fundamentals over feelings is a journey few are willing to walk, and one that even fewer are able to withstand. Mirages of pleasure are at every turn. Blood-coloured rose petals are scattered across the road ahead, vying for attention. But Q-Benjamin knows all too well that to give in to temptation would be her downfall. With revelatory wisdom, she sings: “I need a way up under the temptation, roads to hell are paved with good intentions. I wanna stay but I should run. It’s easier said than done.”

Delivered intimately with transparent lyricism and sinewy R&B production, “Temptation” follows a journey many are familiar with, but few are bold enough to be honest about. "Although it’s not always easy to turn away from advances, on account of our own desires and pressures that come from society’s fluctuating demands of women," Q-Benjamin shares in a statement, "having the option to do so is empowerment in itself." Q-Benjamin’s words are razor sharp in relatability, piercing straight to the soul and spirit. These reflections can come solely from an artist with the highest standards of authentic penmanship and an eternally pensive mind.

 A moody R&B slow burner that blurs between gritty production and moody soul, “Temptation” is a sultry cocktail of visceral wanderings. The track rings in Q-Benjamin’s upcoming EP, Crosstalk, dropping in Spring 2021.


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