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Ashley Monroe teases next album with new single "Drive" and desert escapism [Video]

We are all eating up escapism right now. Ashley Monroe’s lead single, “Drive,” off upcoming album Rosegold feeds us the up-tempo desert fever dream we need in this bleak winter. The music video focuses on the Nashville singer-songwriter donning wide sunglasses while lounging on a sparkling retro leather interior. 

Driving may be the only choice date these days, but oh to be flying along an open highway in a white jumpsuit, unaware or more like unconcerned about any dusty consequences. The vintage-film formatted music video compliments the repeated leading guitar riff, at home in any classic western, while Monroe softly navigates a waterfall melody and breathy harmony. She can dabble in whatever genre or style she chooses and it’s always believable: the sultry “Hands On You” from 2018’s intimate and soul-baring album Sparrow; the witty southern gospel or ballad of The Pistol Annies, the trio Monroe is one-third of. “Drive” sees Monroe shift into an acceleration gear.  It gives us a taste of the love-inspired sound exploration that we can hope will continue on the other tracks of Rosegold. If "Drive" is any indication for the album as a whole, it's Monroe come genre-less, and I'm betting she soars beyond those boundaries. 

1. Siren
2. Silk
3. Gold
4. See
5. Drive
6. Flying
7. Groove
8. ’Til It Breaks
9. I Mean It
10. The New Me 

Connect with Ashley Monroe: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 

Alt-Country · Indie


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