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zekey flips Taylor Swift's song for his "luv story"

zekey may just be your new favorite pop rapper. The rising artist released a slew of singles over the past year, as well as a project titled Goodness Me, but it feels like he's really just beginning to hit his stride. He's found a growing fan base on TikTok, and just released a new song that immediately makes his growth evident. "luv story," a flip of Taylor Swift's popular song that she recently re-released, shows that zekey seems to be taking his craft more seriously than ever. 

It's a crisp track in which the Virginia-born artist expands upon the story of Romeo and Juliet, talking from Romeo's perspective and detailing how "every king needs a queen." The chorus is a flip of Taylor's, while the singular verse sees him rapping with a delicate flow that perfectly fits the personal nature of the song. 

"luv story" is just that: a well-told story of a love that could be, from an artist who is beginning to find his own musical strengths. There's a beauty in the track's simplicity, as zekey shows that he's not an extravagant personality, but rather a focused artist who the listener will undoubtedly be excited to hear more from. 

Connect with zekey: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | TikTok 



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