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Dominique Fils-Aimé shares 'Three Little Words' LP

As Dominique Fils-Aimé continues her musical exploration into the roots of African American musical culture with the release of her LP Three Little Words, The project serves as the final installment in a three part music series and boasts 11 unique tracks that bridge a handful of genres. From blues, jazz, soul, doo wop, to contemporary R&B stylings, Fils-Aimé pushes the envelope with her writing that dives into love, empathy, and how these things intersect with socio-political change over the years. 

From the socially conscious and uplifting sounds of "While we wait," the horn-driven  "Could it be" to the sobering piano movements on "Fall and all." She traverses through emotions and personal experiences within the good and the bad spaces. No stone is left unturned and she bears her scars for all to see with the hope that others might see that we all are going through similar situations. On "Tall Lion Down" which is bolstered by a dynamic backdrop comprised of multi-layered harmonies and melodic runs, she delivers a resounding message of rising above the odds.

On "Mind Made Up" she is unapologetic and defiant over a somber brass-driven backdrop courtesy of producer/arranger  Jacques Roy, who crafted the entire project. Dominique delivers a pained and emotionally punchy performance peppered with lyrics that deal with mental health and self-growth. She is quite reflective as well and details her step towards self-acceptance and going on a mission to focus on being better. The title track cements her message of self-growth and we are bombarded by anthemic drums, rumbling percussions, and vibrant melodic chants that stir up the inner spirits.

Three Little Words in summary is dense, heartfelt, and thought-provoking all at once. There are so many layers to unpack as she brings a unique human experience on wax that is relatable and vivid.

Connect with Dominique Fils-Aimé: Website | Facebook | Twitter |Bandcamp | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Blues · Jazz


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