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Denise Chaila links up with Jafaris on infectious "Anseo" [Video]

Ireland's resident hip-hop queen Denise Chaila is back to further her assert her dominance over the budding scene and she's brought along Jafaris for company in the video for her latest single "Anseo". 

After the release of her debut EP Dual Citizenship in 2019 and her acclaimed mixtape Go Bravely in 2020, Chaila has established herself as one of the true highlights of the scene. Wether it was her tongue and cheek take on the mispronunciation of her name on "Chaila" or her incredible pen game on "Copper Bullet", Denise Chaila has been on a hot streak from jump street. 

Denise Chaila and Jafaris really showed and proved on this one. The chemistry is being spilled on every edge of this canvas to create a fantastic art piece that will live in your head from the second you hear it. "Anseo" sees the Limerick MC once again prove her star power with witty one-liners and undeniable charisma and confidence. This shines throughout the record as she flows so effortlessly over the extremely bouncy and groovy production. The punchy kicks, moving rhythm section as well as some really interesting mix choices when it comes to her voice make this a truth breath fresh air to listen to. Jafaris comes through with his usual infectious energy and smooth flows as he shows off his pen game on this instrumental. The insanely catchy hook delivered by both parties is the real cherry on the cake. On top of this, there's an insanely energetic closing outro at the end of this video edit. 

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