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Kwaku helps out those who are "Stuck" in their phones

Boston Artist Kwaku releases a delightful new single called "Stuck," spreading his message of self-love.
Being his first track of 2021, Kwaku serenades through a song that preaches self-love and begs us to remove the fear of being unloved through powerful lyrics. The intense songwriting cleverly stresses the importance of being free in our own skin and being in the moment. The poetic lyrics, such as "No one really knows you because you're hiding from your throne and I think sometimes you hate yourself cause you're stuck to your phone" leaves a lasting impression on those who are too invested in their phones instead of taking a while to live freely in real life. "Stuck" features mesmerizing sounds, vibrant as we hear the tugging of guitar strings add a beautiful layer and a soothing touch that perfectly blends with Kwaku's sweet voice, reaching all of our hearts. The catchy chorus, "I miss when all your thoughts were your own" coupled with his delivery is undeniably impactful. Press play if you want to be inspired to live a little more outside of your phone. 
Connect with Kwaku: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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