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Siena Bjørn declares her rights in the empowering “Easy Tiger”

Los Angeles-based R&B artist Siena Bjørn drops her latest single “Easy Tiger.” Dripping with tantalizing, jazz-tinged melodies and radiating with the singer’s hazy, soulful vocals, the sensuous song emits a feel-good vibe in both it’s lyrics and sounds.

Through muted piano tones, throbbing basslines and splashes of saxophone, “Easy Tiger” is truly hypnotic. Despite it’s mellow, laid-back feel, the track packs a punch lyrically. Bjørn shines light on the importance of women standing up for their rights and for what they want, in everything they do - from work, to relationships and everything in between. Bjørn shares, “Easy Tiger is about letting the women take control, whether that be in a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a work relationship. Sometimes I feel like people aren’t listening to you when you ask for something or say something. It’s about stepping into the alter ego and telling men around you that you are strong and smart and beyond capable and that it’s their turn to listen.”

As well as her musical project, Bjørn is an avid dancer and actress, demonstrating how creativity runs deep within her veins. Whatever she puts her mind to, she prevails and that’s the exact message she wants to put across in her music. “Easy Tiger” is certain to be your next favorite playlist addition, but don’t take my word for it, take control and decide for yourself.

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Jazz Fusion · R&B


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