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Mimoza pays homage to all the mothers in “Young Queen”

Los Angeles-based pop artist Mimoza pens an ode to her mother and the country she calls home, in the uplifting new single “Young Queen.” The empowering song speaks of the importance of raising girls to see their true abilities and be the badass young queens they are. Despite growing up in war-torn Kosovo, Mimoza was still encouraged by her mother to put her heart into whatever she wanted, owning her self-worth and now the songwriter wants to send the same message to everyone else!

“Young Queen” shimmers with Mimoza’s powerful, soaring vocals, fueled with emotion, while the stomping, anthemic percussion adds emphasis and significance to the narrative. This raw and impassioned release is some of Mimoza’s most personal and honest work to date, speaking about subjects which she holds close to her heart. Her upbringing in Kosovo wasn’t the easiest, with the musician fleeing to Sweden to seek refuge at a young age, however, she always felt loved, inspired and encouraged by her mother to conquer all her dreams.

As well as her solo project, Mimoza is known as a successful songwriter, with her most recent hit being with pop sensation Ava Max on “Kings & Queens.” A woman of many talents, this impressive artist is aiming for the stars and we’re all watching in awe.

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