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Johnny Ashby helps you find a little faith in yourself with "Getting Started"

UK singer-songwriter Johnny Ashby, is bringing us a revolution of power and motivation from Los Angeles in his latest single “Getting Started.” Growing up submerged in his dad’s mixtapes, Ashby's influences and musical career have resulted in a fine-tuned indie-folk picture. After a year of hellish events in 2020, it's safe to say we've all struggled, but guess what...? “It‘ll be okay,” as Ashby sings in this gritty new banger.

Ashby’s lionhearted, dusty vocals bring about such a power and might, but also a hazy desert vibe; there is a calming sense to the song. The tune is a gradual build that constantly rolls in a wave of layers. Despite the song being an encouraging and uplifting spur, its overall aura is super dozy and rocky. Alongside Ashby’s voice, he creates a comforting energy, here to reassure you that everything will be okay and that you're just getting started.

The production features twanging guitar, booming drums, top note piano keys which add a gentle feel, lazy hi-hats, acoustic guitar strums that crash like waves, and backing vocals that add a feeling of company. The track throws constant surprises at you. It's a must listen to feel warm, passionate, inspired, reassured and excited.

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Photo by: Jovanna Reyes

Folk Rock · Indie


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