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The Native get caught in the feels with "Lost On You" [Video]

When we were first introduced to The Native late last year, we knew there was something special about these West Country lads. Following up their recent single "Frontline", the band share their latest cut "Lost On You". A track about unreciprocated feelings, the single highlights the band's incredible songwriting maturity.

A band well practiced in creating addictive earworms, "Lost On You" yearns to be heard in a field with a warm beer to hand. Heavily rooted in the indie genre, the single combines loose guitar lines and thumping drums to create a track that offers a euphoric moment of nostalgic bliss. “Lost On You is about holding out for a person who doesn’t like you back, knowing they’ll never feel the same” the band tells us. It's a delicate message woven within the fabrics of intricate indie melodies that cement The Native as something special, and not just another indie lad band. 

Paired with a home video-styled visuals, the boys have documented their lives over the past few months. “Due to ever changing restrictions we had to record at a few different locations, but it all came together in the end and we made a record we’re all really proud of."

As a band, The Native seem to capture the essence of indie without sounding like something we've heard before. Their refreshing take on the often saturated genre directs them onto the path of great things. But if you don't quite yet get the hype, then that's lost on you.

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