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conner releases raucous new visual for "bite the bullet" [Video]

After thoroughly ingratiating himself into the alt-rock scene through his trio of singles in late 2020-early 2021, L.A.-based conner has put himself on the map for fans far and wide.  Originally from Hagerstown, Maryland, conner is able to combine a self-aware, poppy alt-rock with a healthy blend of distorted vocals and garage rock backing.  Much of his journey thus far has been documented in previous singles that have focused on his adjustment from rural Maryland to the bright lights of Los Angeles.  Able to switch between rapping and singing effortlessly, the new video for "bite the bullet" blends conner's influences into easily recognizable vintage eye candy.  

The newest visual is directed by frequent Lil Skies collaborator Nicholas Jandora and leans heavily on early 2000 MTV's grainy rock star aesthetic.  Featuring its singer protagonist bouncing in between idyllic California coastlines and frantically paced live performances, the VHS quality plays perfectly into the coarse, granulated vocal presence of the artist himself.  There is an infectious and undeniable energy to the raucous visual as it visually stampedes through a myriad of classic alt-rock tropes.  

The fuel to the fire of conner's music is its close association to the nostalgic feel of grainy alt-rock with its bad boy, rock star lifestyle.  The visual successfully delivers that aesthetic while providing a backdrop for the consistent narrative of adjustment to life in L.A. and the craziness of the music scene.  

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