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BETWEEN FRIENDS release the first of their upcoming mixtape trilogy

Brother and sister Savannah and Brandon Hudson formed their own family business when they formed BETWEEN FRIENDS and released their debut single “Suburban Wonderland” back in 2017. Four years later, the dynamic duo has gained over one million followers on Spotify – all with just one EP under their belt. Their unique style of rich vocals and striking productions has given rise to their success. Today, BETWEEN FRIENDS comes out of their three-year hiatus, releasing the first mixtape in a series of three, “tape 001.”

To kick off the release of this first tape, they’ve also put out a music video for one of five tracks, “shiny.” More than any other song they’ve released, Savannah’s vocals are at the forefront – airy and sweet. Taking us a little out of the space dreamland found in past work and guiding us into glitchy videogame vibe, Brandon created a digitized and cyclic melody to complement their lavish and angst-filled lyrics. Even at just barely two minutes in length, it’ll have you hitting repeat every time.

BETWEEN FRIENDS share the different route they were trying to take with “shiny”, stating, “As creatives, we can get super blocked up being ourselves all the time. We wanted to put metaphorical masks on and write as something else. To us the most exciting thing about all of this is weaving out of body and embracing a new sort of confidence.” Therefore, it’s probably safe to say that fans can expect more of this new sound in the rest of “tape 001” and possibly others.

Keep your ears open for the other two mixtapes and for the fourth and full project coming this summer.

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Alt-Pop · Indie


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