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Join Blind Mic down by the rink, in new video for "Dancing In The Rain"

It seems like forever since we've had some normalcy in our lives. I can't be the only one who longs to be back with their friends, hanging out, doing fun stuff once again. I can't remember the last time I was able to just go out and have fun. Luckily for me however, Blind Mic's new video reminds me of exactly what I can look forward to when the pandemic is finally over.

The Manchester born artist has had releases via Giles Peterson's highly respected Future Bubblers label in the past. His fusion of jazz, funk and hip-hop has seen him touted as one of the brightest talents within the UK. The latest song released by Mic is another slice of his rather unique sound. "Dancing In The Rain" captures the Mancunians Jazz roots, as his smooth chord progressions sit atop of a funky drum beats. His verses blend rapping along with his soulful singing, as he talks about trying to keep his love-life afloat whilst he pursues his own endeavours. The video has a real feel good vibe, as we see Mic performing at a local ice rink complete with disco lights and some very talented skaters.

You can peep the video above, and the song is also available to stream on all major platforms.

Connect with Blind Mic: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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