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KTJ & CARLY unveil their sugary new single “Cherry Coke”

KTJ & CARLY are known for their seductive synth-pop sound and their latest single “Cherry Coke” provides that same intoxicating quality. The track is a narration of wanting something you know is bad for you, but it just feels so good. We all have our vices and KTJ & CARLY perfectly put that addictiveness on display. With fizzy, pulsating production and passionate vocals, the soaring song bursts with color. Much like the delicious soda, the two ooze with an alluring sweetness and bubbly charisma. One sip of the tantalizing tune and you will be thirsting for more.

Influenced by talents like ROZES and Chloe X Halle, twins Katie and Carly Haynes concoct self-assured, soulful music. A unique blend of pop, electro, and R&B, their multifaceted releases glisten with a fiery flair. KTJ & CARLY shine when it comes to generating catchy hooks and masterful melodies. Listeners are instantly drawn to the singers’ penetrating sound. Right after high school the dynamic duo performed everywhere from the Grapevine Mills Mall in Texas to NYU. Check out “Cherry Coke” and splurge on this highly indulgent offering.

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