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Ivy Rose releases co-written debut with Nick Littlemore, "I’ve Been Watching You" [Video]

Coming out of the Australian label Lab78 (creation of PNAU’s Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes) Houston’s Ivy Rose has released her debut single, "I’ve Been Watching You". Co-written with Nick Littlemore and Donnie Sloan (of Empire of the Sun), "I’ve Been Watching You" is a haunting love story in which the hypnotic voice of Rose is elevated by wide acoustic guitars, atmospheric synths and warm, emotive production.

Featuring vivid lyricism like, "hits to my lungs, hits to my heart", is just one of many powerful examples of Rose's lyrical prowess and her poetic The earnestness and raw portrayal in the music and video connects listeners to the real pain and feelings that are behind her voice throughout the chorus and minimalistic assortment of delicate instrumentals.

Connect with Ivy Rose: Instagram

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