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KUČKA continues her hunger for progress in "No Good For Me"

Following on from the release of "Ascension" back in October, KUČKA today announced the release of her debut album Wrestling. To coincide with the release, she has given a fresh taste with her newest single, "No Good For Me"—a song that sees KUČKA continue to bring together her much loved slow-burning aesthetics and emotional standpoint of instrumental, electronic world building.

The first release off KUČKA's 12-track debut album, "No Good For Me" sees her use her first song of 2021 as a platform to explore the story of letting go of people who don't vibe you up. The track begins with the use of sublime drum beats and underlying sporadic synth keys, as you are handheld along into the beginning of KUČKA's vocal journey, where she shines prominently with her overarching delicate vocals.

"No Good For Me" is a great continuation of what KUČKA offers: art that pulls you in, forcing you to stick around for the entire journey.

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