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Public Library Commute glistens in the "Moonlight" on latest single

The Los Angeles-based indie-pop artist Public Library Commute has dropped off his first single of 2021. Picking up right where he left off in 2020, releasing music oozing with good vibes, "Moonlight" is charming and laid back, a perfect track to brighten your day. 

Public Library Commute (AKA Conrad Hsiang) does it all, wearing all the hats from playing multiple instruments, producing, and singing/songwriting. His immense reserve of talent has led him to make quite the name for himself in the indie-pop lane. He's already worked alongside fellow indie-pop stars Healy, Surfaces, and Khai Dreams and he's not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

"Moonlight" is a lovely downtempo track. Equipped with a pleasant acoustic guitar loop and his delicate and elegant vocals the song is a quick way to give a lift to your day. Lyrically the song explores the feeling of being far away from a distant lover but being overjoyed by just the thought of that person, offering the perfect pairing to the production that also emits a feeling of warmth and consolation. 

“‘Moonlight’ was written with a specific image in mind - New Jersey summer night, my girlfriend’s 2005 Honda Civic sitting in the driveway, full moon shining on my parent’s front lawn," says the artist via email. "Being on tour & living in LA means that I rarely get to go home to see my family, girlfriend, high school friends, etc. I wrote this one with my friend Colin, and produced it on a weekend-off of Surfaces tour in 2020. It’s meant to carry the feeling of old soul music, and kinda exists as a sibling/cousin to my song “Summertime.” That intro guitar lick is my favorite part and I really wanna play it live." 

"Moonlight" is the latest taste of his upcoming EP '1000 Summers' which is coming later this month; sure to be another blissful exploration of his own sound within the flourishing indie scene.

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