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p-rallel and Lauren Faith team up for “Blue Denim Jeans”

Rising West London producer p-rallel has teamed up with talented vocalist Lauren Faith for new single, "Blue Denim Jeans,"out now via Different Recordings.

Resonating with melancholic lyrics provoked by recent global events and the relatable effects of lockdown, "Blue Denim Jeans" is a somber R&B cut on paper, but sonically, the single's production provides the feeling of a warm hug that we all long for in a truly bleak time. 

Recalling on recent months, Lauren says, "When the first lockdown happened I got really down for a while. I felt really lonely and I guess we have all at some point in our lives wanted to escape. This song is about me battling with those feelings, over-indulging in red wine, and letting it temporarily defeat me. Meeting Gio and writing this tune definitely helped to pull me out of the rut I was in.” 

With Lauren's lyrics honestly coming to terms with the challenges and loneliness the pandemic has thrown at us, "Blue Demin Jeans" is an anthem of solidarity, reflecting on brighter days in the past whilst holding on to glimmers of optimism that will be ahead in the future. Boasting hazy melodies and mellow tones, p-rallel's return to R&B is a success, propelled further by Lauren’s soothing vocals as their synergy glows and interlocks between them.

This marks p-rarell's first release of the year following his critically acclaimed Soundboy EP. Meanwhile, fellow London native Lauren Faith has moulded her talent as a singer-songwriter and producer, working with the likes of Kaytranda whilst branching off as a solo artist with her highly praised debut EP, D.M.T., amongst other gripping releases. Whilst the pandemic has provided one two many hurdles, this stunning collaboration between p-rallel and Faith is a well needed reminder of the positivity we can find, even in the darkest of times. 

p-rallel x Lauren Faith's "Blue Denim Jeans' is out now, available to buy / stream here

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Photo credit: Vicky Grout

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