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Mush release explosive jam "Hazmat Suits"

Punk powerhouse Mush has just unveiled their grimey new single "Hazmat Suits," the final single to be released ahead of their next full length project Lines Redacted. The album is slated for release on Friday, February 12 and will include some of the other dynamic tracks that the band has been releasing during the past few months. "Hazmat Suits" might be the most compelling of the bunch, however, as it shows peak instrumental precision from the British trio. Their psychedelic rips are playfully reminiscent of an early 2000's The Flaming Lips cut, razor sharp with an unhinged charm.

"Hazmat Suits" kicks off with an absolute earworm of a guitar riff, the kind that tears through the track and jams itself into your head. It glides along beautifully with the quick ticking drums, providing a great pace for the quirky vocal inflections of Dan Hyndman. Once the hook comes around, the instrumental cuts itself up with sharper guitar wails and stronger bass hits. The chaotic energy of the track builds until the instrumental outro, where screaming guitars interject to leave an exclamation point on the end of the jam. The guitar parts take on a voice of their own here; they seem to be in a fit of rage, arguing back and fourth with Dan's explosive crooning.

The latest cut from Mush is a firecracker, managing to balance infectious grooves and unsettling punk flare elegantly. This is a line that Dan Hyndman and company are seasoned vets of toeing. They can make you dance with their fine tuned instrumental precision, and in the same beat they can smack you in the face with it. The joy of the band is experiencing the whiplash between the two.

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