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Tomilola steps out the comfort zone with "Mo Yato"

Lagos-based emerging act Tomilola is off to a fresh start with her sophomore single "Mo Yato" which sees her embracing her true self. The song is the follow-up to her debut release "Let It Go" featuring Nigerian band The Cavemen. Both songs serve as a launching pad to Tomilola's newfound artistry and style. Prior to this, she started her music career under a now-defunct moniker but after some soul-searching, she looked within and found the perfect way to fully express herself in her music.

"Mo Yato" is a phrase in the Yoruba language meaning "I am different," which ties into Tomilola's inclination for being true when it comes to art. Bolstered by an engulfing and nonstop pulsating beat that fuses afro-pop synths, slinky electric guitars, and an undeniable groove, the soft-spoken singer details her hopes and dreams from a perspective everyone can relate to. Blending Yoruba and English she delivers a heartwarming soulful performance peppered with catchy melodic runs and insightful lyrics that displays her renewed strength to face the odds. She adds via email that the song encourages breaking the judgmental chains and accepting yourself wholesomely even if it scares you.

Get "Mo Yato" on all platforms here.

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