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flyckt returns with the heart racing "Love Is Overrated" [Video]

On his first single and video release of the year, Swedish alt-pop savant flyckt flips the typical lovesong template on its head with the suitably confrontational "Love Is Overrated."

With torrents of love songs normally pedalling the same message regarding the value, importance and beauty of love, flyckt offers a rebuttal, addressing societies obsession with the concept despite the obstacles it can cause.

Speaking to how the lyricism is brought to life in the accompanying noir-styled visual, he explains in a statement that, “With the video for ”Love Is Overrated” we wanted to capture the escapism in the lyrics of the song. Running away from the distraction of overrated love. The constant movement is like a symbol for the runaway feeling. If you never stop and reflect the pain won't hit you.”

With the lyricism alone already providing ample food for thought, the manner in which it's delivered juxtaposes a fiery, body moving energy against the thought-provoking focus. The piano and vocal melodies of the verses synergistically jostle with grandiose anticipation towards the huge stadium-sized chorus so catchy that it practically invites you to sing along from the first listen.

"Love Is Overrated" is available now via Humming Records

Connect with flyckt: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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