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The 3rd Estate splashes on the scene with "Heart is Beating" [Premiere]

As odd as it may sound here in 2021, quality live hip-hop groups are still relatively rare. The ideal blend of synthetic production elements with blood-pumping live energy is a delicate balance, and one that makes groups like The 3rd Estate stand out. The U.K. collective and brainchild of Submit Music co-founder Dan “3Digits” Berry is preparing for the release of a new EP this March and have offered a preview with the project’s title track “Heart is Beating,” which features vocals from the master purveyor of soul Ty, who sadly passed away in 2020.

While Ty delivers some powerful, uplifting lines with his characteristic flair, he is later joined by up-and-coming MCs CANMKING and Chriz Gabriel, who give the track some delectably diverse vocal flavors. At the core of “Heart is Beating,” though, are the musicians behind the instrumentals. The 3rd Estate’s style emphasizes freedom and improvisation, so it’s no wonder that the track also features some of the U.K.’s top jazz talent like Tom Driessler, Dougal Taylor, and more. The EP was recorded straight to tape without a click track, giving it a living pulse commensurate with the title. Anchored by a fat bass riff, the various musicians make their presence felt in the periphery of the arrangement, with clever flourishes throughout and a stunning sax solo from Berry to close out the song. With vibrant energy and a commitment to creative musical expression, in proper tribute to Ty, “Heart is Beating” immediately makes The 3rd Estate a group to watch moving forward.

"Heart is Beating" is out on Submit Music and is available to stream or download here. The full EP will be available on 12" Vinyl and streaming platforms on March 5.

Connect with The 3rd Estate: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

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