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Flo Gallop reminds us what it’s like to be "21" in relatable new single

Bursting with charisma, London’s Flo Gallop unveils her debut single, “21.” The irresistible pop anthem is the perfect distraction to take away the blues of the pandemic, giving us a vibrant and uplifting celebration of life. The brutally honest track will have you cringing at the similarities in your life, while simultaneously urging you to revel in it.

The killer new song is filled with euphoric beats, sparkling melodies and synth-soaked soundscapes. Her effortless vocals emit an IDGAF attitude - Gallop’s here for the good times and nothing can bring her down, not even her “Stained Reeboks.” Singing “I’m young and dumb, I’m living, I’m happy just believing that life is not a mission,” Gallop gives a friendly reminder that life is too short to worry about things that are out of our control. Encouraging us to enjoy the time we have and live the life we want, “21” is a positive and upbeat banger that’ll wash any worries away.

The spirited artist shares, “I knew that I wanted it to be fun and have lyrics that people can relate to but almost don’t want to, stuff that 21 year olds may question themselves for but then realise ‘oh whatever we’re having a good time so who cares’ sort of thing.”

Hailing from South-east London, “21” is the first single to be released from the intoxicating pop diva and we’re told there’s more to come throughout the year.

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6 months ago

I love Flo !!!!