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BIIANCO illustrates a relationships' devastating nature “Teeth Bared” [Video]

BIIANCO's bright, bold musical style surges with a raw electricity that runs through your veins. She displays that same colorful quality in her single “Teeth Bared”. The indie-electro offering showcases bouncy beats, bellowing bass and sultry vocals. The quirky track is a narration of a toxic relationship and the anger that arises when reality sets in. The accompanying visuals tell the tale of a destructive pair, stunningly portrayed through dance. There is an intricate push and pull as the couple delicately moves through their emotions and negative habits. The visuals are co-written and co-directed by the video’s lead Chelsea Debo.

BIIANCO aka Gabby Bianco is known for her glowing releases laced with a freeing self-assurance. More then just a mesmerizing musical talent, she is also an engineer. Bianco takes hold of her creations, executing her visions exactly how she sees fit. The singer shows so much strength not only through her inspired compositions, but also in her ability to persevere when things get tough. She reveals about the single in a statement, “As I started healing, I went through stages of grief that I can only describe as rolling emotional waves.  This song was born at the start of my rage phase. I felt like a wolf with its teeth bared.”

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