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Kemi Ade navigates from dawn to dusk in ‘Drive - Dusk Edition’

Teasing the second part of her EP project with single “Promise” earlier last year, Kemi Ade now drops her Drive - Dusk Edition EP in full via tenwest Records, as well as sharp visuals for featuring track "2AM".

The new release marks the second instalment of Ade’s project, following on from Drive - Dawn Edition that dropped in October last year.  Off to a flourishing start in 2021, Drive - Dusk Edition gears Ade up for another promising year ahead.

With previous single and featuring track on the EP “Promise” boasting mellow blends of jazz, r&b and electronica (produced by Blue Lab Beats), the tender textures continue to flow throughout the length of the EP.  Remaining tracks on the release like "2AM" draw on soothing strings that inject ounces of connection on every level.

The accompanying video to "2AM" continues to resonate with nostalgia whilst extending Ade's creativity and talent visually. Reflecting on a rocky relationship, reminiscing of ups and downs that flashback to vivid memories on film, Ade comes to terms with her new reality. Building the strength to let go, city lights contrast with fresh greenery in the hope of a new beginning. 

Lastly, "Lastone" sees Ade delve deeper into her darker side with melancholic tones that unveil another layer of her vulnerability within each lyric and note. After a year hiatus, Ade finally takes the opportunity to flex her mesmerising vocal muscles that have been longed for in the industry. A unique star that will continue to shine miles beyond her South London hometown, Kemi Ade is truly one of the UK's finest homegrown talents, set to leave a lasting impression in the R&B world with a sound that is distinctly her own.

Kemi Ade's Drive - Dusk Edition is out now via tenwest Records, buy / stream here.

Connect with Kemi Ade: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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