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Orlando returns with the charmingly warm "Princess"

Bringing a much-needed slice of summer warmth to what feels like the longest winter in years is UK-based bedroom pop artist Orlando, who starts 2021 with the transformative and laidback "Princess."

There was a time in which the term "bedroom producer" implied an air of amateurism, but in recent years this has naturally evolved into a broadly compelling creatively-driven aesthetic, which Orlando takes in his stride masterfully. Drawing inspiration from such DIY artists as Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, and Easy Life, glimmers of their influence can be felt throughout Orlando's humble back-catalog amongst his chameleonic pop sound.

A recurring theme of bedroom pop's palette is its penchant for lo-fi sounds, which is somewhat synonymous with sensations of nostalgia. Performing like a tongue-in-cheek overture for the ensuing nostalgic fidelity and lyrical tone, the track embarks with a kitsch and cartoonish voice line that grabs your attention just before wondrous keys propel his distinctly unique vocal cadence to the back of your mind. The production, equal parts shimmeringly bright and charmingly lo-fi, then unfurls into a downtempo cohesion of indie-pop and R&B stylings that are nothing short of mesmeric.

Despite the uplifting tone, the lyrics take a slightly sardonic view on modern romance, to which Orlando explains in an email statement, "Ultimately it is about being infatuated by someone. Finding beauty in all their flaws - even when you don’t want to."

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