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Cheat Codes unveil relatable video for "No Chill" feat. Lil XXEL

Cheat Codes has been a go-to act for delivering danceable, relatable, overall fun tunes. “No Chill” is no different. The L.A. electronic trio, made up of KEVI, Trevor Dahl, and Matthew Russell has come in clutch with another catchy tune, after one listen you will be singing along the refrain, “she’s got no chill, no chill, no chill.” This theme is conveyed rather comedically in the song’s video, where each member of the band, as well as feature Lil XXEL receive ridiculous haircuts from the song’s protagonist.

Speaking of the hip-hop artist, Lil XXEL’s voice is delivered confidently over the song’s beat. Cheat Codes have the challenge of finding a voice that works with nearly every song they make, which can feel daunting, and jeopardizes the song’s overall execution. Lil XXEL providing vocals feel natural and smooth, like it was predetermined and the artists collaborated together from the get-go. This ease of collaboration is also demonstrated in the song’s video, where the two artists are enjoying themselves over video games and seemingly having fun. The video contributes to the lighthearted aspects of “No Chill”, something especially important in the contemporary world of stress and anxiety.

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