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LuieGo scores with visuals for new single "SWISH" [Video]

Emerging rapper LuieGo exhibits his idiosyncratic style with his new visual for his single “SWISH”. LuieGo was born in Florida, raised in the Dominican Republic and Massachusetts, and now calls New York City his home. Leaning on his Afro-Dominican heritage, LuieGo raps in both English and Spanish, including both languages in much of his work. He is both a skilled musician and visual artist, creating cover art for his musical releases. LuieGo is a member of the Dark World collective, which is home to a number of other unique artists.

“SWISH” is a lively and free spirited track. The song is produced by Nick Pingree, who provides a bouncy, hard-hitting instrumental. On "SWISH", LuieGo raps at a rapid-fire pace overtop of grimy synths and powerful 808s. The drum pattern moves at breakneck speed, matching LuieGo’s swift flow. He raps in an expressive style, and his vocals are full of personality. LuieGo raps the first verse in English and the second in Spanish, showcasing versatility.

The accompanying visual is equally energetic, and it adds to the spirited energy of the song. It shows LuieGo having fun with his friends, and creates a vibrant energy that is infectious. The video is vibrant and warm, and it enhances the personality LuieGo exhibits on “SWISH”.

Overall, “SWISH” is a vital, energetic release from LuieGo. The song is dynamic and expressive, with a vibrant visual accompanying it. The song and visual express an infectious energy that keeps one interested. “SWISH” will appear on LuieGo and Nick Pingree’s upcoming album 1992, so stay tuned.

Connect with LuieGo: Instagram | Spotify

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