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Tommy Newport sends a trippy reminder to stay woke in "Yellow Lines"

Tommy Newport has just dropped his new single “Yellow Lines.” The rising UK-born, US-grown, now Wichita-based singer-songwriter, is known for his irresistible head-bopping tunes since the release of his debut track "I Forgive You" in 2018. It's fair to say, Newport's undeniable energy is quite simply addicting. One little taste and you'll be back for more, time and time again.

The divinely hypnotic guitars in "Yellow Lines" are served up with a fat slice of groove-heavy bass and a very funky beat that are guaranteed to have you boogieing day or night. Newport's voice carries a sexy, indie, restrained pronunciation that is ready to explode, but he carries off the smoothest of deliveries with an abundance of character and expression in the vocals, which flow effortlessly through the production. The bass is enough to have you flexing your sass, creating the best atmosphere to carry you right through 2021. If you want to hear a sleek, cool, sophisticated and trippy song, this is the track you need to hear: a paradise of good vibrations in your ears.

Singing “all you need is a little love to keep you moving on, and you’ll be fine,” Newport’s wavy track is a reminder to keep your eyes on the road of life. Produced alongside 4th Pyramid, “Yellow Lines” engrosses brit-pop, laid-back, sex-appeal along with the hallucinogenic sounds reminiscent of Gorillaz. “Yellow Lines” is a clever metaphor for remembering to not cross the yellow lines on the highway of life. The track is a wake-up reminder to stay woke and keep on moving, even though sometimes we may lose concentration and steer off. Newport is here to steer you right back on track, with a stylish anthem to jam to along the way. Go treat yourself with Tommy Newport’s new hit.

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