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Emmet Nino Hayes and Kurupt are "Here, There and Everywhere"

Dundalk-based MC Emmet Nino Hayes is in the presence of hip-hop royalty on his new single "Here, There and Everywhere".

One of Ireland's most consistent artists, Emmet Nino Hayes has been a part of the local culture for 10 years. After years of remixes and mixtapes, Nino had one of his biggest and most hectic years last year. Dropping nine singles such as "Mbappe" and "The Lab" as well as short mixtape titled Pages in 2020, Nino really set out to prove himself last year with sheer quantity. 

After dropping his new single "Contagious" last week, Nino has linked up with west coast legend Kurupt on this new single. Kurupt is well known and respected throughout the hip-hop culture worldwide for his work with the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur. For the Irish scene to be seeing one of its veterans hop on a track with a certified and cemented legend in Kurupt is a huge step forward for the Irish scene. 

The track itself is filled with mid-2000's nostalgia. The production feels west coast inspired with the sharp and punchy synths lines. The drums are very much in the background but they keep the track moving in an exciting way. However, the real star on show is the lyrics. The two MC's reignite what feels like the battle era style of rapping. The sheer level of lyricism, flow and technical ability on display on this one is a true thing of beauty. The hook is minimalistic but serves its purpose as a connecting bridge between verses.

This track feels like a milestone moment for both the Irish hip-hop scene and Emmet Nino Hayes as an artist. This is what feels like the start of another serious run for Nino. All in all, very exciting times ahead for the Dundalk based MC.

Connect With Emmet Nino Hayes: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

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9 months ago

Well done

9 months ago

Well done 👏👏