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Rose Rose debut with the blossoming "Sugar Hill"

Much like the inception of the Rose Rose project, which can be traced to Paris and London—the respective homes of this disco-flavored indie-pop duo—their nuanced sound also exists between two worlds, the synthetic and the organic.

A harmony of softly shimmering synths, silky smooth vocals, and grooving instruments, their multifaceted approach naturally extends to their debut single, "Sugar Hill." Equal parts upbeat and laidback, it leaves you yearning to exist in the bright and carefree atmosphere for just a little longer, dutifully whetting appetites for their forthcoming debut album which lands later this year.

As self-taught musicians, an authentic sense of passion is woven deep into each passing cadence and can be first felt from just beyond the opening chords, which dissolve into the steadfast, bordering-on-iconic groove that maintains throughout the track.

With a salubrious twist of French House, "Sugar Hill" reminisces such timeless classics as Daft Punk's "Something About Us," with the no-frills arrangement reveling in its dynamic simplicity, which only proves to compound the already incandescent and enveloping mood. With a start as strong as this, Rose Rose are on a path as bright as their luminescent debut.

"Sugar Hill" is out now via Neville Street Music.

Connect with Rose Rose: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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