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Julietta continues her string of pop anthems with "Not Today"

You’ll want to dance through the city in the sunlight with Julietta’s newest track ringing through your ears. The pop artist releases a new anthem, “Not Today,” coming off her sophomore EP, Levitate, that will make one feel like there’s hope yet for better days.

“Not Today” immediately starts off with a string of echoing ah-s, finding freedom in the looping effect. Bouncy keys and reverberating guitar plucks show off the track's carefree attitude, subtly juxtaposed with the ticking-like percussion, reminding one of time passing. While Julietta’s voice coos with most of the sung-spoken lyrics, the chorus comes alive with a choir group harmonizing the chant.

Similar to her previous single, “Ghosted for the Beach,” this track also details her process of letting go of hardships and bad habits to focusing on grounding herself. “I know what rock bottom feels like, to be in the dungeons of my mind, I'm not scared of it, but I refuse to go back,” she admits. Her new EP, Levitate, out February 5th, is said to carry similar themes, depicting Julietta’s growth and strength.

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