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Luna Shadows details love in the digital age with new single "nite swim"

Luna Shadows has been on the rise in the Los Angeles music scene in part to her sleek modern take on dark pop. The Los Angeles-based artist has released an array of critically acclaimed EP's and singles over the past four years growing a passionate fan base. Now, Shadows is ready to share "nite swim", the first single off her debut album, titled Digital Pacific, due out February 12th. The project features 18 tracks, detailing personal and humanistic themes like relationships and anxiety, and how they intersect with technology. 

Shadows' new single "nite swim," fits perfectly into this concept of viewing life through a digital lens. On the track, she constantly juxtaposes the relationship of the infamous Romeo and Juliet with modern relationships. She particularly delves into how technology has affected our emotions, questioning how we are to define love in the current era.

There is further contrast between the track's tone and underlying subject matter. Despite her ethereal vocals and the rhythmic, synth-heavy electronic instrumental, the lyrics are a mixture of satirical and sinister. Further, she tends to use these lyrics to describe her feelings poignantly, with vivid imagery: "To be the Romeo and the Juliet of our generation / Except without the dying and the devastation / Infatuation, without the miscommunication."  

Of the new track, Shadows shared, "When I think of the extremely problematic R+J, a lot of their tragedy is based on farcical miscommunication that could've been so easily avoided in 2021," she says. "Yet in an age of instant & excessive communication, there has been a sharp rise in youth depression, suicide, and overall unhappiness. This song masquerades as euphoric but underneath raises some fairly dark questions re: technology and our mental health."

Stream "nite swim" above on Spotify or click here to listen to the track on Apple Music. Click here to pre-save Shadows' forthcoming album Digital Pacific, slated for release February 12th. 

Connect with Luna Shadows: Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundCloud | Spotify

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