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dodie delivers inspiration and postage in seaside video for "Hate Myself"

“Hate Myself”, the title of London-based singer dodie’s latest single, seems at the outset like a dismal ballad based on the title alone. Rather, it’s a symbol for the hope of becoming the best version of yourself. Through the single’s music video, dripping in beautiful stone and seaside aesthetic, dodie chooses an unlikely storyline to get her message across.

This installment of dodie’s upcoming debut album Build A Problem came with high anticipation. She’s built considerable momentum with two fan-loved EPs and sold out shows at beloved venues like London’s Roadhouse. If you take a gander at her instagram stories today - she’s already shared enthusiastic fan art of her adorned in post-lady uniform - her character’s get up in this eye-catching music video. We see dodie training to become this top level postal worker: sprinting to post letters, carrying rucksacks bursting with correspondence up moss covered stairs, and stamping postage hastily in a darkened boat’s lower deck. It’s charming, and it somehow makes you think you can train and achieve anything, really, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem at the outset.

“Hate Myself” is a lightweight, airy melody with subtle but powerful instrumentals that slowly build to a climax, all the while delivering a deep inner monologue of dealing with internal feelings. It’s a countdown to see what she can create and communicate through a debut album.

Build A Problem drops March 5th.

Photo credit: Parri Thomas 
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