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Scotty Apex reaches new heights on 'STARLIGHT'

Some artists struggle with finding creative ambition and motivation through periods of isolation; Scotty Apex is not one of these artists.  A recent transplant to LA from his home in Indianapolis, Apex has dedicated himself to the creative process over the past year, building and growing despite all the trials and tribulations that the creative industry has faced.  STARLIGHT is the culmination of his efforts, and feels like the perfect project to catalogue his arduous journey up to this point.  A project birthed solely from the efforts of Apex and friends, the project sees contributions from contemporaries such as Mathaius Young and Maxx Owa, among others, to create a no-frills, homegrown project that just seems to ooze authenticity.  

The production and influence of STARLIGHT remain strong throughout, maintaining a consistent creative direction while Apex explores a range of emotions that mirror his struggle with self-doubt and uncertainty.  "Where are things going for me?" Apex wonders, "Who knows, all I know is that I have this feeling of light within me, that I have the full power to get where I want to be."  This triumph over doubt is pervasive throughout the project and provides the sort of true-to-self themes that gives the project part of its replay value.  The rest of its replay value rests in its addictive hooks and bouncy production that accentuate the delicately crafted album that wastes no time in reflecting Apex's creative influences of Kid Cudi and Travis Scott.  

In the age of corporate labels pumping out ready-made hit songs with little personality, it is all the more important to recognize projects that break the mold and truly exemplify a grassroots movement.  Apex's album achieves this in more ways than one, a passion project more than two years in the making that establishes the artist as a rising voice to watch as he moves ahead in his sonic journey.  

Connect with Scotty Apex: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify | Website

Hip-Hop · Rap


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