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JANEIN pulls out all the stops in explosive new EP

German DJ and producer, JANEIN, kicks off 2021 with a blistering new four-track EP on his own Seelen Records imprint, featuring remixes from Somewhen and Peryl.

The EP opens with Janeien’s “Kobald M,” a raw and abrasive excursion into his relentless sound. A moody, full-throttle bassline floods the senses before groovy melodies create a distraction to pull the attention away. It’s intensely percussive, with a mid-way breakdown allowing you to relish a few seconds of calmness before things are whipped back into a frenzy. One for the lovers of industrial chaos, Janein takes no prisoners here.

“Gaja” initially sounds mild in comparison, but don’t be fooled — what it “lacks” in heaviness, it more than makes up for in funk. Bouncy basslines, twisted melodies and droning synths give “Gaja” a hypnotic hold over listeners. Made with warehouse parties in mind, this is one designed to cause damage on the dancefloor.

The B-side is where the remixes come alive, with Someone taking over the reins on “Kobald M,” and Peryl giving “Gaja” a breakbeat makeover. Somewhen’s remix breathes fresh air into the original, giving an altogether lighter, bouncier, and more danceable vibe to the track. It’s a million miles away from Janein’s punishing original — as all good remixes should be. Peryl’s “Gaja” remix is equally as impressive; the mood becomes undoubtedly more volatile, with the breaks adding an element of controlled disorder to the track. Extremely mean stuff to mark the ninth release on Seelen.

Kobald M can be purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with JANEIN: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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