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Distantclix paints the internet as a "Digital.Disaster.exe" [Single]

We exist in a period of time where we're simultaneously at the peak of both interconnectedness and anonymity.  Distantclix embodies this perfectly: a faceless, blood-red, sprite is the only image attached to their messy fusion of glitchy chirps and 808s on "Digital.Disaster.exe".

The track begins with a grating cacophony, shortly interrupted by Distantclix in a chilling, whispered delivery. They ride the sparse, noisy percussion with ease, not faltering when a machine-gun spray of kicks invites  in an infectious groove of 808s.

"Digital.Disaster.exe" feels distinctly inhuman. Every tendon of the instrumental feels mechanical and every breath of Distantclix is digitized. The relentless wave of miscellaneous samples and glitch-ridden percussion doesn't pause for a second, washing the track in the unshakeable presence of the internet.

Despite its artificial, synthesized exterior, there's something visceral and living about this performance. Just as the internet can paradoxically allow strangers to be closer than family, Distantclix manages to deliver passion and humanity from a cold, metal shell.

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Electronic · Glitch · Hip-Hop · Industrial


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