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Dylamic lays out new 'Blueprints'

Netherlands emerging rapper Dylamics has been putting in work for a while now, from performing twice in two annual editions of EUROSONIC and winning the 2nd round of OWNZONEMUSIC competition. Using those achievements as a springboard he proceeds to share his first EP Blueprints to fully introduce himself to the world. The 8-track project is thematically introspective, insightful, and to some degree revealing.

The intro is a clever opener that sticks to the theme without trying to be too verbose or pretentious. Dylamics goes straight to the crux of the matter over a solemn piano riff and declares "Part of me hopes you like it, part of me doesn't care what you think, 'cos these are the lines, the lines of my blueprints." This is followed by the title track, a somber soulful piece that details the rapper's journey, growth, and all the decisions he had to take to get to where he is at the moment.

Touching on other subjects are tracks like "Staring at the peak" that pokes fun at people who always have an opinion or advice but never actually do anything themselves. He also details his own tribulations and exclaims that "I do feel pressure from every side like a group hug/don't get hot-headed cause there is no time to cool off."  On "Decisions" he admits that he is not the best decision-maker and wishes he had someone to help him in that regard while "Clouds" explores his personality especially around naysayers and such.

The project for the most part is cohesive and each track revolves around an aspect of Dylamics' life from his own viewpoint. He sure has a lot to get off his chest so he kept the features as minimal as possible with only one guest vocal from singer Delphine Serra who provides the chorus to the love-laden "How about you?."

Get Blueprints on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Connect with Dylamic: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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