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Carla the Poet's "Isolation" is all about protecting her inner aura

Emerging Savannah, Georgia based artist Carla the Poet caught our ears some years back with her single "Forces (freestyle)." The track introduced us to her off-beat, no-frills lyrics and laidback demeanor and served as a single to her project The Barbie EP. Fast forward to 2020 and then some, Carla comes through with a new track "Isolation" that delves into relationships during the current global lockdown.

"isolation" sees Carla working with producer Blacktop Megaphone who paints a choppy dreamy lo-fi styled backdrop that perfectly suits her silky flow. Carla shares her own thoughts on people jumping into relationships or situationships as the case may seem. With lines like "To write the poems/set the tone and steal my heart, the love is gone," she is fully aware of those seeking companionship for a short while and it can be hard to detect who is in it for the long hull but she is not falling for it. The entire lockdown has sure put a lot of pressure on everyone and some would resort to desperate means to cure this thing called boredom.  Carla, however, is hellbent on protecting her energy in these perilous times with exciting new releases like this.

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