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Thomas Iannucci and Sonny Sandoval implores us to "Rage"

Hawaiian Grammy winner Thomas Iannucci and Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. team up for an uplifting collaborative track titled "Rage."  The duo goes for a genre-bending approach as they mix modern reggae elements with Iannucci’s Post-Malone-esque singing that dwell on positivity in these troubling times we live in.

The title is inspired by the Hawaiian Pidgin term "rage," which means party as opposed to anger and forms the basis of the uplifting message to the listeners. Lines like "Don't try to hide what you feeling/ You gotta fight what you fearing" implores us not to get bogged down by the current state of affairs but to mush on and celebrate life as it is. Bolstered by an upbeat and bright backdrop courtesy of Hawaiin producers The Brewz and Imua Garza who make use of lush alluring textures and an undeniable summer jam type groove that all can rock to.

"Rage" is the lead single from Thomas Iannucci's forthcoming project Doubting Thomas.

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