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The Low Flying Panic Attack performs band-shaping songs live in latest video performance

Madrid's emerging indie electronic act The Low Flying Panic Attack have taken the new decade's trials and tribulations as an opportunity to refine their sound and produce their debut studio album slated for release in 2021.  Following the release of their latest single "Burn" the Spanish duo have recorded a live concert performance at Nadir Studios in Madrid to set the stage for what can be expected from their performances when touring schedules resume.  The nearly 19 minute set is available now, showcasing the bands raw approach to live performance across 4 of their latest tracks.

Opening with the bands first single of 2020 "Demons Grow", then their two 2019 singles "Tears & Glass" and "Still Don't Know My Name", followed by the recently released "Burn", all four songs will be featured on The Low Flying Panic Attack's album coming next year.  With the 4-track setlist being comprised of both of the bands 2019 and and 2020 singles, the recording captures the essence of the groups recorded sound and stage presence - alive, interactive, engaging and collaborative.  Utilizing authentic live electronic instruments, vocals and mixing, the duo has refined their eclectic energies into a show that delivers their sound with creativity, energy and poise.

With their hybrid sound embodying a potpourri of atmospheric electronica, psychedelic rock, low-fi and more, The Low Flying Panic Attack's eclectic approach to songwriting, composition, artistic vision and live performance position themselves as a unique outfit in up and coming experimental electronic acts.  With influences spanning the likes of Moderat, Nine Inch Nails, Tame Impala, Thom Yorke and more, a vast sea of artistic inspiration shape the still developing identity of the group who aim to defy norms in the constructs of genre. 

Fans can enjoy the recorded live performance today and should stay tuned to the socials below for the latest news from the The Low Flying Panic Attack and their forthcoming album next year.

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