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The New Twentys debut with the understated anthem, "Inside Out"

With live music becoming a distant memory and an undetermined hope for the future, we're all missing the unparalleled natural high of live music. Be that as it may, every now and again you come across a song that scratches that itch even just for a moment, and London-based debutants The New Twentys have just that with their standout opening salvo, "Inside Out."

With a warm and affable energy reminiscent of summer festivals, this nostalgia-heavy coalescence of shades of new wave and alternative pop carries the same mesmeric presence of a live performance that leaves you hanging off every line. As layers build around the opening riff, it's tough to not immediately get swept up in the buoyant groove, but as the band outline in an email statement, the lyrics tell a comparatively different story. They share that, “the song is about missing the feeling of heartache and the hope of redemption, once the pain of losing someone has gone, there’s only so long you can mope around feeling sorry for yourself. There's no longer an excuse. And that's a tragedy... The juxtaposition between the feel-good energy of the track and the written lyric is an encouragement to pull through and pick yourself up."

The eager trio also shares that their debut EP is ready, so keep your eyes peeled for more from them very soon.

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