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Sleepwoka speaks about the power of friendship in “Together We Are”

Ukraine-born, London-based artist Sleepwoka has spent this year no different to the rest of us: away from his loved ones, wondering when he’ll get to be close to them again. But one thing he has learnt, is the sheer resilience that true friendships hold. His latest single “Together We Are” is his touching tribute to his friends and family around the world and a reminder to others that despite the distance between us, our connection still remains strong. In a year of uncertainty, Sleepwoka brings a sense of comfort, reassuring us that better days are ahead and we’re all in this together.

“Together We Are” shimmers with deep, pounding rhythms which throb like the beat of a heart. Dark swirling synths emit an almost haunting atmosphere, while eerie melodies build and build throughout to create a powerful impact. Sleepwoka’s vocals are calm and concise, each and every lyric is said with meaning and emotion, letting us know that we always have someone to turn to, even in the darkest of times. The musician shares, “Together We Are, is a tribute to all my friends that are scattered around the world. Although we live different lives and rarely see each other, it feels like the invisible connection only grows stronger. It’s a connection that reaches beyond messages on your phone. It’s the feeling that you get when warm memories from the past remind you of the strength of the friendship - which is especially important right now. Whatever this crazy world brings to us, it still feels like we’re in this together and no distance or time can change that.”

The Ukrainian producer and songwriter is known for his 80’s tinged synth-heavy electronic songs, having released “How I Was Wrong” earlier this year. His ability to turn poignant messages of heartfelt sincerity into soaring electro anthems is something that brings an edge and distinctiveness to his sound. Not only does Sleepwoka present move-inducing earworms, but he grabs the attention of listeners with his relatable and captivating themes.

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