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Iglu & Hartly return after a decade with "Cooler"

2020 has brought with it a lot of surprising headlines, and in amongst the albeit few and far between positives is the comeback of cult heroes Iglu & Hartly. Predominantly known for their 2008 international blockbuster hit "In This City," the LA-based indie-pop trio returned from their almost decade-long hiatus last year, and close out this whirlwind of a year with "Cooler," their first single since their 2009 debut album, And Then Boom.

Filled with the hallmark Iglu & Hartly motifs, such rousing synth work, an unforgettable chorus and irrefutably uplifting energy, "Cooler" is a phenomenal return from the clearly reinvigorated trio. In an email statement, frontman Jarvis Anderson outlines, “​Cooler is told from the perspective of a guy that is set on winning over a girl who rejected him in the past. I love how the throwback synths and guitars rise as his story gathers fun, frenetic momentum."

With a subtle nod to their comeback in the chorus, "I'm cooler than I used to be," their distinct sound has naturally matured, whilst they expertly maintain what set them head and shoulders above their contemporaries at the time. Anderson concludes, "I wanted the result to be an absurdly epic and feel-good song that feels serendipitous to our band's actual comeback, equal parts soothing and exciting, healing and rambunctious."

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