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SLUGS reflect on both life and death in “Super Sane”

Los Angeles alt-rock collective SLUGS unveil their latest single “Super Sane.” The long-awaited single is the first to be released since their 2018 EP, Cool World and it suffice to say - it was worth the wait. Through washed-out guitars and muted tones, SLUGS sing about the rollercoaster ride of life and how one moment you can be flying high as a kite and then it spins you down in the dumps. More specifically for this four-piece band, they experienced the very best and worst of what life brings, with both a death and birth in close proximity to each other.

Singer Marissa Longstreet shares, “A friend of ours died in a motorcycle accident on St Patrick's day. Another friend of mine had just had a baby. At the time, I was celebrating the birth of a new life and mourning the loss of someone who didn’t feel gone yet. I wrote this while processing that conflict—trying to convince myself and others “I feel fine” while unraveling.” The constant ups and downs send emotions out of control and often we’re left not knowing how we truly feel. Longstreet’s sickenly relatable lyrics show the reality of her situation, singing, “it’s been a weird year, one was born and one died, I’m considerably low, I’m most definitely high.” She continues, “I’m super sane, I feel fine,” almost telling herself she’s ok, despite feeling otherwise. The melancholy track bleeds with honesty and sincerity—she isn’t afraid to admit she’s been to dark places and that’s what makes this song so easy to connect with. There’s no boundaries or walls, there’s no facade—we see SLUGS for exactly who they are.

Despite its forlorn feel, “Super Sane” presents a coolness, making you want to sit back and revel in it’s reverberating instruments and effortless, harmonic vocals. Sweet, straightforward, and sensitive, “Super Sane” is everything you want it to be and more.

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