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Michelle O Faith enchants in new single "Eskimo Summer"

Following the release of lead single from her Lagoon Vol. II EP, "Black Lolita", South London singer-songwriter Michelle O Faith is back to grace us with her truly imitable voice on "Eskimo Summer." 

In the same vein as "Black Lolita" the track kicks in with a mystical air to it before high-octane vocals wash over with the type of powerful cinematic reverberations that really work your speakers. "Eskimo Summer" may be a winter release but it oozes with fiery summer vibrancy. Producer and film composer Neil Athale exploits O Faith's trained opera singing background to unless the artist's full dramatic pitch range. The end result is an omniscient, dazzling and entrancing listening experience that tackles a typical love story narrative but is instead unhindered by tepid song constructs. O Faith shares, "I wanted to write a song about love that is lost but never forgotten; and perfect for what it was, for all that it was, for however long it lasted. I wanted Eskimo Summer to sound like the end of summer - but the most magical summer of your life. There are songs that make you nostalgic for something you can't put your finger on; for something you perhaps haven't experienced.. or have experienced but never realised you carried with you. That's what I wanted Eskimo Summer to do."
O Faith's whole Lagoon trilogy series is being backed and funded by the highly prestigious MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards, this is just one example of her raw unadulterated talent. Look out for more sparks from the rest of this artist's transcendental Lagoon II EP dropping in the new year and check out "Eskimo Summer" here.
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